a pause


It’s been nine day pause since my last post, but before the news of what we’ve been doing – and drawing, a brief pause to share an unexpected bit of uniquely Italian hospitality. While walking home from last Monday’s site visits a lovely and accomplished musician was sharing her talent and joy of making beautiful music on the steps of Chiesa Santi Michele e Gaetano on the Piazza degli Antonori.

Vivaldi’s “Spring” Allegro from the Four Seasons, and other popular Italian songs, played for anyone lucky enough to happen by. In fact, she looked like she happened onto the idea of a public concert on her way home from her regularly scheduled gig.

As listeners – and there were many – walked up the steps to leave money in her violin case, she graciously bowed while playing. It was one of those life-affirming moments, filled with generosity of spirit from both the musician and her appreciative audience.


It’s only one example of how Italy welcomes you, and how musical traditions continue to make a place for civility and grace.

Un altro, grazie!


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