duomo folio | 29 august

For two hours, a few of us commandeered a block of sidewalk tables at Bottegone, a prime sketching spot with views of the cathedral, Baptistery, and dome. Students were assigned two sketches. One of either the dome or the Baptistery, and one view of their choice, including detailed views of objects, windows, doors, or of other subjects that interested them.

In our first week, we’re focusing on drawing shapes, composing views by drawing the shape of the sky, geometric forms and proportions, and primarily one-point or elevation views. We’re starting to get into linear perspective lessons, and assignments next week will ask students to use vanishing points and horizon line to construct their sketches.

Today we visited the Ufizzi Gallery, tomorrow Pitti Palace, seeing two major museums in a row. Not expecting much in the way of sketching right now, because it can easily take 4-5 hours just to cover 2-3 miles of corridor, seeing the artwork on our featured list of highlights, plus the unanticipated discoveries.

There are, of course, the paintings everyone comes to see. fullsizeoutput_4e1

But one can easily find delightful and compelling works ignored by the crowds.

So many angels! Mary’s posse, running angels of annunciation, musical angels, and look out for the flying ninja angels of banishment.

Some familiar faces appear in dual roles:

And Leonardo teaches us about drawing:




2 thoughts on “duomo folio | 29 august

  1. Cheryl

    Looks like everyone is loving Florence, learning what a big part art plays in the study of design, and producing some great sketches!
    If any part of the group gets a second chance at the Pazzi Chapel, – let them break out into a chorus of “Amazing Grace” , while standing in the middle and singing up, and they will truly be “amazed!”




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